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Shopify denies it was hacked, links stolen data to third-party app

todayJuly 8, 2024

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Shopify denies it was hacked, links stolen data to third-party app

Digital Forensics: E-commerce platform Shopify denies it suffered a data breach after a threat actor began selling customer data they claim was stolen from the company’s network. “Shopify systems have not experienced a security incident,” Shopify told BleepingComputer. “The data loss reported was caused by a third-party app. The app developer [...]

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Blog Sewa / May 17, 2024

ArcherHall Has Acquired Shepherd Data Services # digital forensics: Sacramento, CA, April 11, 2024–(— ArcherHall ® has actually gotten Shepherd Data Services ®, a Minneapolis-based e-discovery and digital forensics provider to law office, corporations, and federal government firms. Established by a previous litigator in 2002, Shepherd Data amplifies the power of RelativityOne ® with extraordinary ...

todayMay 14, 2024


Blog Sewa

ThorTech Solutions: A Trusted Los Angeles Cybersecurity Firm

In the heart of Los Angeles, where digital security is paramount, ThorTech Solutions emerges as a trusted leader in the cybersecurity sector. As a dedicated cybersecurity firm, ThorTech prides itself on offering unmatched services tailored to the unique needs of businesses in L.A.’s dynamic market. From small startups to large ...

todayMay 12, 2024


Blog Sewa

ThorTech Solutions: Leading Cyber Security Services Company in Los Angeles

ThorTech Solutions is at the forefront of cyber security in Los Angeles, offering unparalleled expertise to protect businesses in this vibrant tech hub. As a premier cyber security services company, ThorTech is dedicated to defending its clients against the ever-growing spectrum of cyber threats. Cyber Security Services Company in Los ...

todayMay 11, 2024


Blog Sewa

ThorTech Solutions: Pioneering Cyber Security in Los Angeles, CA

In the digital era, where cyber threats constantly evolve, Los Angeles-based ThorTech Solutions stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in cyber security. Positioned in the heart of a city renowned for its vibrant tech and entertainment sectors, ThorTech provides cutting-edge cyber security services tailored to meet the unique ...